Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Valentines Day Swap

All those interested in the Valentines Swap can sign up here (just leave a comment) and if I go early Heidi will take over! (who really knows how long I have)

This will be a DIRECT swap - meaning you send to the same person as you are receiving from - From memory we have not done one of these yet - so it should be fun!

The swap parcel would include
1. a small handmade item that takes less than 3 hours to complete and has a valentine theme. It could be anything: a sock creature, soft toy, simple stitchery, mini-quilt, pin-cushion, bag, purse, knitted something - anything that you would enjoy making and sharing!

2. something chocolatey or sweet-like! (only cause I will be breastfeeding and need to keep my supply's up:)

3. and some craft supplies from your own stash - e.g. buttons, ribbon, fabric scraps, lace, wool, string, beads - anything like that but not worth more $6 in value. (it is ok to purchase something small if you don't already have something in your stash or you are a beginner and you stash is small)

Mailing date for your little parcel is the 14th of February

Sign ups will close on SUNDAY 20th @ 8pm

Many Thanks to Lucy (from Lucy Locket Recycled Her Pocket) for the idea. I saw it on her blog but did not get a comment in early enough to participate in her little (60 people strong) swap!

Cheers and Hugs and Kisses for Happy Crafting



Heids said...

I am sooooooo excited about this swap! Can we put a link to Lucy's blog and let her know we have "borrowed" her swap guidelines?

Suz said...

Count me in! It should be nice to know who you're receiving from in advance too.

Kim said...

I'm in too. If you can do it Kylie, then I should be able to! lol

ingrid said...

me too me too *waving hands wildly in the air*
And thanks for organising Kylie :-)

Andrea said...

I am in too please Kylie. I think you are nesting in a crafty kind of way!

Kys said...

Any chance i can join in?

I used to be a regular eb sewing group member till DS came along and have just got my sewjo back, and time to sew and stopped lurking the thread and started chatting again.

If not i dont mind

tigerfilly said...

Can I be in it please :) I think I am just in time??