Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Valentines Day Swap Partners!

Partners have been chosen out of the hat!

And the results are in:

Tigerfilly and Suz

Helen and Kys

Heids and Kim

Cass and Karen

Ingrid and Andrea

Natalie and Marie

IngridK and Adds

Belinda and Kylie

Just to re-cap, the rules of the swap are that the swap parcel would include

1. a small handmade item that takes less than 3 hours to complete and has a valentine theme. It could be anything: a sock creature, soft toy, simple stitchery, mini-quilt, pin-cushion, bag, purse, knitted something - anything that you would enjoy making and sharing!

2. something chocolatey or sweet-like!

3. and some craft supplies from your own stash - e.g. buttons, ribbon, fabric scraps, lace, wool, string, beads - anything like that but not worth more than $6 in value.

The parcels are to be sent ON February 14th

And most importantly HAVE FUN and share the LOVE! hehe

I also think that we should pop into the swap thread on the Stitchy and Patchy Show once a week just to let everyone know how we are going. (I have seen this on a few forums now and have thought that it was a good idea)


The Humming Cat said...

hi Kylie,
can you please add me to this list too?
Thanks, Adds xx

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hi Kylie - just popped over to see how you were doing - love your swap photo! I hope it goes really well! Lucy x

Karen said...

Hi Kylie I'd really like to be in this one too.