Friday, November 2, 2007

Karen's SS responses

Thanks Leah for getting this organised and Kylie for the questions, now on we go...

Would you like something handmade as a gift?
Always very happy to get a handmade gift, but I also understand if this is not possible with the lead up to Christmas being what it always is!

Do you have a favourite Christmas Colour?
I tend to lean toward traditional red and gold for the tree.

Do you decorate the whole house or just a part of it?
I like to have a door wreath and a small tree on the hall table, the tree and that's been it to date, though I'd like to do something on our new deck this year.

Do you have any Christmas Traditions?
Hmmm not really - maybe now we have a family of our own that will start. We spend each alternate Christmas with DH's family and mine as they live a fair distance apart.

What sizes are your children?
Both girls are wearing size 2's now, but when I make anything I make it longer by about 4cm as they are both above average height - Alice even moreso than Lucy.

Do you like quick projects or things that take a little longer?
Depends - I can sit and do embroidery that will take weeks to finish, though now I tend to do more sewing with quick results.

Is there anything that you like to collect?
Ummm - fabric, fabric and fabric!
I'm getting into the retro cartoon-style Michael Miller prints, coordinating fabrics for tiered skirts, I love red and blue patterns for the girls as much as pinks and girly colours, and I'm not really into things that are too tissy or frilly IYKWIM!!

Hope this helps!

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