Monday, October 29, 2007

Kylie's Christmas Swap ??'s

Hi Girls,

Well I thought that I would start us off with some Christmas Sewing related thoughts. Many thanks to the lovely Leah for organising this for us and getting our little bottoms into gear!

I am not really fussed what I receive - I actually get more enjoyment out of giving...

But I have had a request from my DH that this year we have NO SANTAS or REINDEERS on the Christmas tree. So I am planning on making some angels and doves - anyother ideas would be wonderful! (MEN!)

So here are a few other Questions that I thought up - please feel free to add to them!

Would you like something handmade as a gift? - Yes please (if you are up to it ofcourse!) I have made a pledge with myself this year that all of my gifts (well most of them will be handmade! either by ME, or purchasing handmade)

Do you have a favourite Christmas Colour? I love Maroons and Greens

Do you decorate the whole house or just a part of it? I am slowly collecting more and more Christmas things every year - It did start off as just a small tree and then a bigger tree and then the top of the entertainment unit. I have a lovely enterance to our new home and I am thinking that it needs to be decorated as well!

Do you have any Christmas Traditions? This year I would like to make an advent something. Not quite sure what - but have a few ideas flying around. I love to spend Christmas with family and this year it is DH turn to have christmas with his - although we are not sure where it will be as I will be 36 weeks pregnant by then!

What size is/are your child/ren? Amelia is just going into size 2's and Jelly Man is due in Feb!

Do you like quick projects or things that take a little longer? I am the QUEEN of UFO's

Is there anything that you like to collect? I love old buttons and patterns - have a thing for ricrac at the moment and hair things for Amelia's hair (yes I am lucky enough to have a 2 year old with lots of it!) I love checking out the opshops for anything from material to old patterns and old knitting needles!

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