Monday, October 29, 2007

Adds Christmas Swap

Would you like something handmade as a gift? - I truly don't mind what I get! Something hand made would be great but its so hard this time of year so I don't mind fabric or Christmas Trims or a decorative ornament, whatever is easiest!

Do you have a favourite Christmas Colour? I make alot of Christmas things in mustard, forrest green and deep red, I tend to give alot of them away though! But I always use those colours. I usually add a rustic bell as well!

Do you have any Christmas Traditions? We all have stockings, and presents under the tree, I do the shopping so DH is suprised with what the kids get despite me telling him and showing him! We are staying at home this year, just us, in our new house by the beach, might have a bbq for lunch, the last 2 weeks of school are always so hectic with swimming lessons, school concerts, parties and then were moving 1.5 hours away so theres all the work involved with that, I am looking forward to letting them have the day with all there pressies.

Whats your fave Christmas Present?
Last year DH bought me a Willow Tree Nativity Set , he gave it to me early December. I love it more than my fisher price Little People one!

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