Friday, August 3, 2007

Thankyou Leah

Look at all of this op shop loveliness - and apparently the op shops have been thin - I am so moving to Albury/Wodonga if this is what they have to offer!

And look - my very own little purse filled with this lovely little iron ones (cant wait to make something for Miss A)

Some of my other favourites. I love this little knitted outfit (we have a few naked dolls around here at the moment)

And this little doll - how cute is she - Have a friend who is due to have a little one any day and would make a great gift. Humm what else - a piece of flannelette and a piece of cotton and two patterns for when I am back to being my NON Pregnant state again!

Thanks Leah - you are a gem and you had apsolutely nothing to worry about.


the humming cat said...

Wow Leah, you must have some great Op Shops near you! Lovely stuff.

Helen said...

What a haul!!! Well done Leah!