Sunday, August 12, 2007

Michelle's (toffle) Bag Swap Answers

Hi there Swap Partner.

1. How big do you like your bags to be - small/medium/large? Rough measurement you like? I like a medium to large sized bag.

2. What sorts of things do you want to carry in your bag? eg. essentials only (purse, phone, keys etc), craft stuff, nappies, toys to keep kids amused? Essentials: purse, phone, 2 sets of keys and glasses

3. Do you prefer shoulder bags, backpacks or clutch bags? Shoulder bag

4. Dressy or casual? Casual - simple

5. Colour preferences (also state whether you like pastels, brights or muted tones) I do not like the following colours en masse (small bits of them in a print is ok though) :Orange, yellow or any fluro (been through that stage of my life LOL)
I like blues, browns, black, pink, greens (more jade than olive green) Does that make life harder or easier?

6. How do you like to carry your bag? Over the shoulder, but also across my body at times.

Good Luck! Can't wait to get it.

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