Thursday, August 9, 2007

Helen's Bag Swap Q & A's

1. How big do you like your bags to be - small/medium/large? Rough measurement you like?
Medium to big, A3 size, roughly.

2. What sorts of things do you want to carry in your bag?
I need a bag to take lunch to work in! So big enough to carry a lunch box, a book andwater bottle!

3. Do you prefer shoulder bags, backpacks or clutch bags?
Shoulder bag please.

4. Dressy or casual?

5. Colour preferences (also state whether you like pastels, brights or muted tones)?
I'm really not fussed, TBH! Whatever you think looks nice. I like using bright fabric in my quilts but for a bag, maybe something a bit more grown up?

6. How do you like to carry your bag?
On my shoulder.

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