Sunday, August 5, 2007

Belinda's Bag Swap Questions

Since I am in the middle of fixing my blog at the moment, I thought I would answer the bag swap questions:

1. How big do you like your bags to be - small/medium/large? Rough measurement you like?
Meduim to large.

2. What sorts of things do you want to carry in your bag? eg. essentials only (purse, phone, keys etc), craft stuff, nappies, toys to keep kids amused?
Everything! I always carry too much. But lately I have been trying to carry just one bag for James and I (rather than a bag each). It makes it easier to chase after him if I only have one bag.

3. Do you prefer shoulder bags, backpacks or clutch bags?
I prefer shoulder bags, but I guess clutch is OK too.

4. Dressy or casual?
Casual, or dressy casual....I guess not beach casual (if that makes sense)

5. Colour preferences (also state whether you like pastels, brights or muted tones)
Classic colours with a little touch of something else (maybe bright, maybe pastel) to highlight.

6. How do you like to carry your bag? I for example like over the shoulder or across the body but I know some people who are happy to carry it in their hand (by the handle).
At the moment, my bags are generally able to worn across my body, so I don't have to worry about having a hand free. But I also like double shorter handled bags (worn over just one shoulder).

Take a look at my blog for bags that I have made. That is the style that I use.
Thank you!!!

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