Sunday, July 22, 2007

New Blog Ring Logo

Hello blogging buddies. :)

I have finally worked out how to update the EB logo into the blog ring logo. I'll try and explain it here.

1. Log into your blog as normal, go to your dashboard, click on manage LAYOUT.
2. Find the HTML/Java Script button that is the EB blog ring code, click on EDIT.
3. Towards the bottom there should be two lines that say ring=mini_grey;id=1;action=next">Next Take note of what yout id number is, everyones is different.
4. Select all then delete it.

Now here is the tricky bit. If I paste here what the code is, it comes up as the image rather than all the letters, KWIM? So I think I'll PM everyone the code cause I have just done a test via the EB PM system and that works. So PM me and I'll foward the code. Once you have that...

5. Paste it in exactly. But where it was id=1, you want to replace that number with your id number.

I hope all that makes sense. Of course if you are happy with how your blog ring thingy button looks now, you don't have to change it and things will stay the same, you'll still be in the ring.

Good luck!

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