Monday, June 25, 2007

Op Shop/Vintage Swap

To the value of $10 or what you can fit in a large post pack - as it is opshop stuff and I think that it would be pointless paying more to post it than what it cost you to buy! What do you think.
Pop it int he post box on or around the 31st of July.

Some Questions to get you all thinking.

What other crafts do you enjoy doing?
Is there anything that you collect?
What do you always look at first when you go into an Opshop?
What is your best opshop find?
What are the ages of your children?
Is there anything that you would really LOVE to find and are yet to come across it?

Have fun and go find someone a bargin! Will pm everyone there partners in the next day or so - Off to find a hat!

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