Monday, June 25, 2007

Natalie's Op Shop Answers

What other crafts do you enjoy doing?
Making jewellery, knitting, crafts with the kids, painting, and interested in starting scrapbooking, card making, pretty much everything lol!

Is there anything that you collect?
Ummm, I have two jars of buttons given to my by MIL, started a bit of a ribbon collection recently too.

What do you always look at first when you go into an Opshop?
Go to the fabrics, then the patterns, then to the jewellery (always looking for authentic vintage crystal pieces!) then off to the books where I'll usually get one each for my boys.

What is your best opshop find?
Umm, I haven't had many good finds, I need to find some better op shops I think. Probably the best find would've been a black velvet jacket I bought about 6 years ago, I still wear it out today!

What are the ages of your children?
Jordan is 7 (size 8) and Jai is 2 1/2 (size 3)

Is there anything that you would really LOVE to find and are yet to come across it?
Back issues of Ottobre! or any of the lovely vintage cottons that Ingrid and Clair have the luck to find :)

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