Monday, June 25, 2007

Kylie's Opshop Answers

What other crafts do you enjoy doing?
Knitting, crochet(would like to learn more!), stamping - you name it I will give it a go!
Is there anything that you collect?
Buttons - I love old vintage buttons and have them seperated into colour lots (sad I know)
What do you always look at first when you go into an Opshop?
The kids clothes - cause it is the first thing at the door. Then sheets, patterns and books. I like to look to see if they have any old china as well - you just never know. Amelia is also into flip up books - so I keep an eye out for those at the moment too.
What is your best opshop find?
The sheradon sheet that got turned into PJ's for Amelia and I, and some Enid Gilchrist pattern books.
What are the ages of your children?
21 months - size ones - going into two's
Is there anything that you would really LOVE to find and are yet to come across it?
A crystal cake stand - not that I am expecting anyone to find one - it is just a dream! And Enid Gilchrist Pattern books (looking for the play one!)

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