Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Add THC Op Shop / Vintage answers

What crafts do you enjoy doing?
I like dressmaking, mostly girls dresses and tops and pants type sets, size 2 to 8. I also quilt, the occasional scrapbooking and I like to cross stitch reproduction alphabet samplers. I also make cushions, country dolls and prim cats.

Is there anything you collect?
hmmm, I collect Willow Tree Ornaments, never seen one at an op shop though! I have a few vintage kitchen scales on display in my kitchen, picked up a lovley red one for 50c, to heavy to post though!

What do you always look at first when you go into an op shop?
A Fred Bare girls dress made from this fabric! I am after more for a yo-yo cushion I am making Cate for her bed, it is my fave ever Fred fabric and I need more.
I also look for vintage patterns, mostly girls dresses and outfits. Then I meander over to fabric (never find any), look at notions and trims, magazines, books, toys...

What is your best op shop find?
Oh, I have had lots! I op shop and swap meet alot, haven't been in ages so really looking forward to having an excuse to get out and do some browsing! Things like NWT designer clothes in one of my kids sizes for $5; to an old trike for the garden bed for $5; to a NIP fairy print Doona cover, just missing the pillowcase for $3; to sewing patterns 50c; to ...you get the drift!

What are the ages of your children?
Oliver is 7, Stuart 6 and Cate is 4.

Is there anything that you would really LOVE to find and yet to come across it?
I am always on the hunt for an Enid Gilchrist pattern book, any kind but I am regulary looking for this one.

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Kylie said...

Yes that is the Enid Gilchrist book I am on the look out for Adds.