Thursday, May 17, 2007

Suz's Dress Up Swap Details

Name/username: Suzanne/suzqld
Number of children involved in swap:2
Kids names, ages and sizes: Louisa, nearly 4 years old, Size 5
Elizabeth, 21 months, Size 1 Still! I'm sure she's about to have growth spurt - she's been size 1 for over 6 months
What do your kids love: Louisa mainly loves 'girly'things: fairies, mermaids, princesses, you know the drill. She does also have a batman costume she enjoys putting on now and then, so I guess a superhero of some kind isn't out of the question - a girly superhero?
Lizzie's too young for me to really comment, although she loves birds, all animals really, so who knows - maybe a safari suit or a Steve Irwin outfit!
What do your kids loathe: I'm not sure about the kids, but Mum (me) loathes anything too revealing (eg. no midriffs showing).
Any other information: Head circumferences: Louisa, 51cm (20 inches), Elizabeth, 47.5 cm (18 and a half inches).

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