Monday, May 7, 2007

On-line shops

Hi. I thought I would post this for Angel as she was looking for some on-line places to buy fabric.
Quilt Fabric Delight

Ladybutton Fabrics

Sew Mama Sew I have bought from here before

Fashionable Fabrics

Cia's Palette

Purl Soho



Ribbons Galore


Z and S Fabrics

My favourite Ebay stores are

Atomic Textiles

Hightown Fabrics

Retro Age

Studio Retro

The Fabric Deli

Vintage Fabric Addict

I think the Ebay ones are good if you just want small amounts but the US ones are better if you want, you just need to watch postage (although most are around $10 for about 6 yards). The exchange rate isn't too bad at the moment either


Helen said...

Thanks Cass! :)

ingrid said...

I LOVE fashionable fabrics. they seem to be a bit cheaper and will fit 5-6 yards plus a pattern if you ask nicely :-)