Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Dress Up info

Name/username: Marie/JaysMum
Number of children involved in swap: 1
Kids names, ages and sizes: Jalisa, age 2, size 2
What do your kids love: Jalisa hasn't expressed any particular interest in any character but I am sure she would love anything girly. She loves hats, bags, bangles, tutus and shoes...
What do your kids loathe: Nothing as far as dress ups
Any other information:

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Kerry said...

Hope this is in the right spot i had trouble getting in here LOL.

Name/username:: Hadenoughat6/ Kerry
Kids names, ages and sizes:; Charlize::: Is 4 and wears a size 5 mostly. She is mad about sharks LOL and ninja turtles (so girly)
T'keyah:: is 3 1/2 and in a size 2 but 3 in length. She isnt really into anything but loves dressing up with her sisters.
Rona::is 15 months and in a size 1-2 same as T she loves dressing up but not really into anything specific.
What do your kids loathe:; Not much really like someone else said i like /prefer original things LOL.