Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kerry's dress up swap info

Name/username: Kerry/hadenoughat6
Number of kids in swap: 3
Kids names, ages and sizes:
  • Charlize 4 1/2 in a size 5
  • T'keyah 3 1/2 in a size 2, 3 in length
  • Sirohna 15 months in a size 1-2

What do your kids love:

  • Charlize - loves anything to do with sharks or ninja turtles LOL (so girly) head size is normal for her age
  • T'keyah - loves dressing up but hasnt got a favourite. Her head is rather big she wears the same size beanie and hat as her brother who is 11.
  • Sirohna - loves playing dress ups not into anything specific

What do your kids loathe:
Any other information:

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