Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dress Up questionaire

Wanna be a part of the dress up swap? Just cut and paste this questionaire into a post of your own and then fill it out.

Swaps should be sent out end of June/beginning of july. What sort of $$$ limit should we set? (I will edit this last sentence when we reach an agreement--just post a comment or PM me)

Number of children involved in swap:
Kids names, ages and sizes:
What do your kids love:
What do your kids loathe:
Any other information:

1 comment:

toffle said...

Name: Michelle / Toffle
Number of children: 1 girl
Kids name etc: Alexandra is currently 9 months. I would like something she could wear when she can dress up - size 2?
Kids love: anything
Kids loathe: nothing though I loathe pooh bear
No other info