Thursday, May 17, 2007

Clair's Dress Swap details

Name/username:Clair (**clair**)

Number of children involved in swap: 2 (or you can do just one if you like though)

Kids names, ages and sizes:
Koby: age 5, size around 5-6.
Charlee: age 2.5, size around 2-3

What do your kids love: Koby is a typical boy into anything superhero-ish. For Charlee anything goes, but she suits brighter colors like yellow, pink, and red. Oh and i love spots *wink wink* and anything vintagy. She is a typical girl so anything princessy would be a hit.

What do your kids loathe: Hmmm... nothing really...

Any other information: Their measurements are
Koby: Chest 26", waist 26", inner leg 17"
Charlee: Chest 22", waist 21", inner leg 12", & from sholder to floor 28" (in case you're wanting to make a dress)

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