Monday, May 28, 2007

Dress up inspiration

Here are some links if you are stuck for ideas for the swap.

Hope that helps. Add your own if you find any.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Helens Fabric Stash Cull

Hello girls. Had a cull of my fabric, stuff I know I'll never use so thought I'd offer it to you guys first before putting it on the boards on EB. If you are interested, post a comment what you'd like and then I'll use the PM function in EB to get in touch with you. I'll get the cheapest postage possible, some items may go as a large letter or maybe fill up a prepaid satchel! Pick up is welcome too if you'd like to fly over! LOL Happy shopping!

All sold. Thanks girls. :)

Natalie's Dress Up Swap Info:

Name/username: Natalie / Natalie02
Number of children involved in swap: 2
Kids names, ages and sizes:
Jai 2 1/2 years and he is a size 3, head measures 50cm
Jordan is 7 and he is a size 8, head measures 55cm
What do your kids love:
Jai loves Thomas Tank, Buzz lighyear and anything to do with cars. He has also started to pretend he is a dog too!
Jordan is into anything action heroish, but already has a spiderman costume and a pirate one. He is interested in space, cars, and lately loves being a magician.
What do your kids loathe:
Um, can't think really - I don't like anything Army, with guns etc so I guess anything else would be great!

Hope that helps!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kerry's dress up swap info

Name/username: Kerry/hadenoughat6
Number of kids in swap: 3
Kids names, ages and sizes:
  • Charlize 4 1/2 in a size 5
  • T'keyah 3 1/2 in a size 2, 3 in length
  • Sirohna 15 months in a size 1-2

What do your kids love:

  • Charlize - loves anything to do with sharks or ninja turtles LOL (so girly) head size is normal for her age
  • T'keyah - loves dressing up but hasnt got a favourite. Her head is rather big she wears the same size beanie and hat as her brother who is 11.
  • Sirohna - loves playing dress ups not into anything specific

What do your kids loathe:
Any other information:

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Kylie's Dress up swap ???

Name/username: Kylie/tkp02
Number of children involved in swap:1
Kids names, ages and sizes: Amelia, 20 months - size 1 but maybe something in a size two that she can grow into, head 49cm!
What do your kids love: Amelia is not really into anything at the moment - in the way of dress ups! She is DOG crazy and is also into shoes, beaded necklaces and handbags.
What do your kids loathe: Amelia is too young to be into or not into anything at the moment - I am not a big fan of disney things - ie bought bulk produced things - am like one of a kind things!

I hope that this helps my swappie! Just have fun creating!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Helen's Dress Up Swap Info

Name: Helen
Number of children: 2 girls
Kids name etc: Grace has just turned 4 and is in a size 4 on top and bottom. Milly is 2.5 years but still fitting into a size 2. Have found though with dress ups, its better to be bigger!
Kids love: Grace is going through a Princess phase! Into Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White. Milly is cruisey, she just follows what Grace is into!
Kids loathe: Not a big fan of anything boyish!

Michelle/Toffle's Dress Up Swap Info

Name: Michelle / Toffle
Number of children: 1 girl
Kids name etc: Alexandra is currently 9 months. I would like something she could wear when she can dress up - size 2?
Kids love: anything
Kids loathe: nothing though I loathe pooh bear. No other info.

Shibley's dress up swap details

Name/username: Shibley
Number of children involved in swap: if my swapee is up to it, 3 - but just one would be lovely too!!
Kids names, ages and sizes: Tiana, 5, size 6 tops, size 5 pants. Alexis 2, size 2 pants (but with a teeny 44cm waist) size 2 tops. Logan, 13 months, size 1
What do your kids love: When it comes to dress ups - anything & everything!!
What do your kids loathe: Nothing really... Nope, can't think of anything!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Suz's Dress Up Swap Details

Name/username: Suzanne/suzqld
Number of children involved in swap:2
Kids names, ages and sizes: Louisa, nearly 4 years old, Size 5
Elizabeth, 21 months, Size 1 Still! I'm sure she's about to have growth spurt - she's been size 1 for over 6 months
What do your kids love: Louisa mainly loves 'girly'things: fairies, mermaids, princesses, you know the drill. She does also have a batman costume she enjoys putting on now and then, so I guess a superhero of some kind isn't out of the question - a girly superhero?
Lizzie's too young for me to really comment, although she loves birds, all animals really, so who knows - maybe a safari suit or a Steve Irwin outfit!
What do your kids loathe: I'm not sure about the kids, but Mum (me) loathes anything too revealing (eg. no midriffs showing).
Any other information: Head circumferences: Louisa, 51cm (20 inches), Elizabeth, 47.5 cm (18 and a half inches).

Thanks Brazen!

Thanks Brazen for my lovely felt pin cushion and the other goodies, which will all come in handy. Louisa loves the long skirt in one of the patterns and is keen for me to make her one!

Clair's Dress Swap details

Name/username:Clair (**clair**)

Number of children involved in swap: 2 (or you can do just one if you like though)

Kids names, ages and sizes:
Koby: age 5, size around 5-6.
Charlee: age 2.5, size around 2-3

What do your kids love: Koby is a typical boy into anything superhero-ish. For Charlee anything goes, but she suits brighter colors like yellow, pink, and red. Oh and i love spots *wink wink* and anything vintagy. She is a typical girl so anything princessy would be a hit.

What do your kids loathe: Hmmm... nothing really...

Any other information: Their measurements are
Koby: Chest 26", waist 26", inner leg 17"
Charlee: Chest 22", waist 21", inner leg 12", & from sholder to floor 28" (in case you're wanting to make a dress)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Dress Up info

Name/username: Marie/JaysMum
Number of children involved in swap: 1
Kids names, ages and sizes: Jalisa, age 2, size 2
What do your kids love: Jalisa hasn't expressed any particular interest in any character but I am sure she would love anything girly. She loves hats, bags, bangles, tutus and shoes...
What do your kids loathe: Nothing as far as dress ups
Any other information:

Dress Up questionaire

Wanna be a part of the dress up swap? Just cut and paste this questionaire into a post of your own and then fill it out.

Swaps should be sent out end of June/beginning of july. What sort of $$$ limit should we set? (I will edit this last sentence when we reach an agreement--just post a comment or PM me)

Number of children involved in swap:
Kids names, ages and sizes:
What do your kids love:
What do your kids loathe:
Any other information:

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mothers Day Swap Pressie

Thank you to Joy for my lovely pin cushion and needle pouch.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thanks Ingrid K

Here's my gift. It came with a packet of tim tams that i have already half eaten PMSL. I love the color of it, thanks heaps Ingrid. It will come in very handy :)
Hope you all have a lovely mothers day xx

Pin cushion swap from Toffle.

This is the gorgeous gift that I received from Toffle. A teapot pin cushion, a mug carrier bag and a box of tea!! How spoilt am I?? There was a lovely note inside as well. It reads...

I thought that on this Mother's day you might like a pot of tea
So when you are sitting and stitching
I hope you think of me!

Thank you so much Michelle!!

I'll put more pics in my blog soon.

Parcel time!

Here is the generous gift I received from Becci. Not 1 but 4 pincushions, plus a pretty wheat and lavender bag. Austy took off with the ladybird pincushion but I managed to catch it and put it back with the others for the photo - a sewing machine pincushion, ring pin cushion and my favourite - the teacup pincushion. Plus some yummy chocolates for when I am feeling better (I have caught Austy's yucky tummy bug :(

Thanks Becci!

Pincushion Swap From Suzanne!

I received my swap from Suzanne this morning - she has spoilt me :D

A close up on the pincushion - made with my favourite bright pink colour:

And all the goodies I got:

Thanks again Suzanne and also to Ingrid for organising this for us!

Pincushion swap from Clair

Here is the lovely package I received yesterday from Clair. I am putting it up as I don't think she has been onto the forum in the last couple of days. You can see what I made out of the fabric here

To Andrea, From Belinda. Pin cushion swap.

Here is the wonderful parcel I recieved in the post this afternoon. Thanks to Belinda for creating the most lovely brown and pink pin cushion with a matching needle book. I love the fabric that you also sent along. It has me thinking about getting organised with winter clothes.

Thanks again Belinda, I love it.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Pincushion Swap 2

Here is the lovely gift I received from Andrea

And the gift I sent Shibley

Pincushion swap

Here is the swap parcel I sent to Michelle (Toffle). There are more details in my blog

Monday, May 7, 2007

On-line shops

Hi. I thought I would post this for Angel as she was looking for some on-line places to buy fabric.
Quilt Fabric Delight

Ladybutton Fabrics

Sew Mama Sew I have bought from here before

Fashionable Fabrics

Cia's Palette

Purl Soho



Ribbons Galore


Z and S Fabrics

My favourite Ebay stores are

Atomic Textiles

Hightown Fabrics

Retro Age

Studio Retro

The Fabric Deli

Vintage Fabric Addict

I think the Ebay ones are good if you just want small amounts but the US ones are better if you want, you just need to watch postage (although most are around $10 for about 6 yards). The exchange rate isn't too bad at the moment either

Sunday, May 6, 2007


Hi Girls. Thought I would set up a blogger page so we can share our favourite sewing sites in one place. And also post any information of swaps. Its called a Group Blog meaning once you are invited you can come post on here.

Sorry about the hassle of deleting the other home page and recreating this one. Thanks for your paitence!